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BREAKING NEWS – Gold Striker at Great America CLOSED

Photo graphic by Kris Rowberry

Gold Striker has been closed, pending additional sound mitigation to quiet the coasters’ noise levels.

Screamscape is reporting that Gold Striker, the new wooden coaster at California’s Great America has been CLOSED due to sound levels being too high for nearby corporate building owner, Prudential Real Estate Investors. Park officials were unavailable for comment at this time.

Screamscape is speculating that, “…the primary cause of loud noises isn’t due to the coaster at all, but rather due to the riders.”

The park has already responded to the complaint by submitting additional blueprints to the City of Sant Clara on June 28th for additional sound mitigation devices, including tunnels, walls and foam.

We’ll be posting a more thorough report here tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned to Great American Thrills for the most up to date and accurate reports on this breaking news story.


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