The world's most authentic roller coaster and amusement park expert!

Great American Thrills

Roller coaster, amusement park and travel fans don’t get more authentic than Kris Rowberry.

Kris has conquered hundreds of roller coasters and thrill rides around our great country and met some interesting characters along the way…but now – he wants YOU to help guide him to his next thrill…and you’re coming along for the ride:

Got a great coaster or awesome park story you think Kris and the crew would enjoy? Just post on your favorite social media site with the #greatamericanthrills hashtag. If your post is selected – you just might find yourself on the show!

So be sure to like, share and most importantly comment to your favorite cable channels, production companies and streaming services – that YOU want to see Great American Thrills® in your living rooms and on your devices ASAP!



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  2. Grreat reading your post

    November 18, 2022 at 10:02 pm

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