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Former Malibu Grand Prix site to become office high rises

Chalk another one up to “progress,” everyone. The peninsula’s last remaining entertainment venue (not counting Hooters in San Bruno) will soon be nothing more than a bland office complex, joining many other “lost parks” here in the Bay Area and beyond.  The current proposal is for three, eight story buildings, dubbed “Harbor View Place.”

Malibu Grand Prix closed last month after over 30 years in business – managers claim the land owner, Granite Rock, raised their rent significantly.

The site is now stripped of most lighting structures and salvageable items. Graffiti now adorns the castle and most of the site. We’re working with the land owner to see about potentially filming on the site. While technically not an “amusement park” by most standards, Malibu was the closest thing people had on the mid-peninsula to a family entertainment center, or FEC – so we’ll make an exception for it.


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