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1915 World’s Fair in San Francisco / 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition


Location: Marina District, San Francisco, CA

Operated: February 1915 – early 1916

Reason Closed: End of the fair, escalating tensions in Europe.

Current Use: Housing


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  1. Rob Anderson

    There is a very interesting history of what happened right after the ’06 quake. The “City Beautiful” movement, led by Bernard Maybeck, argued that the destruction of The City was really an opportunity to improve it. They created extraordinary models and drawings showing what could be done if they The City was rebuilt in harmony with its many hills. But the business community just wanted to rebuild quickly and get on with business as usual (sound familiar?) and so the idea was scuttled. But some of the principles were used in the PPE in 1915.

    March 17, 2015 at 7:51 pm

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