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On this Veterans Day, what does “Great AMERICAN Thrills” really mean?

A few months ago, I wrote about why I decided to commit to my brand being called “Great AMERICAN Thrills.” It wasn’t because of the seemingly constant stream of “American” shows that are on TV these days, (American Restoration, American Pickers, American DareDevils, just to name a few)

No, it’s a not-so-subtle nod, to the men and women of our armed forces, who literally lay their lives on the line each and everyday across this great country and indeed the whole world, so that we might be able to go out and enjoy ourselves, to have fun and to experience the quintessential day at the amusement park with the family – all without worry or care. 

On this Veterans Day, we celebrate those who have served in our nation’s armed forces and those whom we’ve lost – because no matter how brave you are to go on a new ride or attraction – you and I will never be as brave as the people who have defended our country and indeed our very way of life to go out and challenge the greatest thrill.

To those brave souls, I salute you – now and forever.

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