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Remembering Gary Owens

We lost a legend in media this week.

Gary Owens, famed radio announcer, TV presenter and voiceover actor, died at the age of 80 on Friday. You may not know the man, but you certainly know the voice.

Like many in my generation, we were introduced to Mr. Owens not by his work on the radio or television, but on his very popular “Dinosaurs!” VHS tapes.

So what’s the amusement park connection? Well, both he and Eric Boardman took a trip on Kingdom of the Dinosaurs at Knott’s Berry Farm – and here it is for you to recall…and to enjoy. With Voyage to the Iron Reef now opening in it’s place – it’s a great look back with a true media legend.

Thanks for the memories, Gary.

And here’s some raw footage from the episode, featuring the park as well:



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