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The Most Adorable Roller Coaster Ever Designed

My sister shared these photos with me yesterday – as one of my nieces was feeling a bit crafty and created her own “roller coaster.” So naturally, I had to share them with all of you!

Cutest Coaster 1

According to the “lead engineer,” – who’s still in elementary school – the ride is very advanced, and senses who’s aboard and adjusts the intensity based on the age group. So, if a baby is aboard – it’ll move at a crawl. And in the middle of the ride? Well, it stops to let passengers off to pet the dog.

Cutest Coaster 1

Are all your cutes overloaded, yet?

If a group of teenagers on it – the ride will sense this as well – and go “super fast.” Also, the dog petting will be bypassed.

Oh, to be young…not only at heart, huh? Great job on the coaster, Shelby – keep it up and someday you’ll be working with tubular steel!


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