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California’s Great America Celebrates National Roller Coaster Day with Tongue-in-Cheek Celebration of Kiddie Coaster

Warning: this is a really cute video.

As part of their National Roller Coaster Day festivities, California’s Great America commissioned arguably one of the best tongue-in-cheek social media videos this year: a celebration of their 1999 Miler Kiddie Coaster, Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbies.

Enjoy the hilarity (be sure to look at the titles) and well done, CGA!


The Most Adorable Roller Coaster Ever Designed

My sister shared these photos with me yesterday – as one of my nieces was feeling a bit crafty and created her own “roller coaster.” So naturally, I had to share them with all of you!

Cutest Coaster 1

According to the “lead engineer,” – who’s still in elementary school – the ride is very advanced, and senses who’s aboard and adjusts the intensity based on the age group. So, if a baby is aboard – it’ll move at a crawl. And in the middle of the ride? Well, it stops to let passengers off to pet the dog.

Cutest Coaster 1

Are all your cutes overloaded, yet?

If a group of teenagers on it – the ride will sense this as well – and go “super fast.” Also, the dog petting will be bypassed.

Oh, to be young…not only at heart, huh? Great job on the coaster, Shelby – keep it up and someday you’ll be working with tubular steel!

The Vatican Amusement Park?

Wow – who would have thought there was a full-fledged amusement park behind the Vatican!

Well, no actually. But I couldn’t help but look at this photo and think it looked just like some of the park maps I’ve seen over the years.

What do you think? What would be the marquee attraction at Vatican-Land?

Vatican Land

This diagram of the Vatican is reminiscent of the drawn park maps found at many amusement parks.

Tell me these don't share a similar style - I dare ya!

Tell me these don’t share a similar style – I dare ya!