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The Chinese Communist Theme Park

So China just opened a theme park, dedicated to the ruling, Communist Party.

Yep. Sounds terrifying.

Is the overall theme of the place, “no dissenters allowed.” Or maybe, “Internet only we want you to see.” Is there a “Tienanmen Square” tank-themed ride? I’m going to guess not…

It’s difficult to see and understand the layout of the park – as there are no photos of any rides or real attractions, outside of posing with statues and other fun sculptures.

I wonder how line jumping is handled here…check it out for yourself:

On This 9/11 Anniversary…

There’s a very important reason I’ve chosen “Great American Thrills” as the name for this show concept – It’s because I love my country.

The name and logo were no accident, they just perfectly fit with what I hope to do with this show concept – to entertain and inform people about the amazing ways you can still have fun at the quintessential, American amusement park.

Yes, there are some amazing parks being built in China (allegedly) and many of the theme parks in Europe are quite stunning…but where do you think they learned it all from? That’s right – they learned it from us…in the United States.

And so, on this anniversary of the worst attack on our nation’s soil, let us remember the brave men and women who fight everyday, both here at home and overseas, so that we might be able to live our normal lives – and go out to parks to have fun with our friends and families. And that’s the greatest “thrill” of “Great American Thrills” – to have fun with those closest to us. That’s what this show concept (and our country) are all about.

And I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else because of it.

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