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Couple Faces Charges for Having Sex on Las Vegas Ferris Wheel

Talk about an awkward ride…

A Houston man and a New York woman are now facing felony charges after they were recorded having sex during a 30-minute ride about the High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas.

Phillip Frank Panzica III and Chloe Scordianos were arrested back on February 5th, after security caught them “in the act” aboard one of the capsules, 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

Photo credit: Las Vegas Police Department

Photo credit: Las Vegas Police Department

Surveillance cameras captured everything – and passengers in other cabins recorded all the action via their cell phones. Security requested multiple times to stop “enjoying their ride” but it was all for naught. They were arrested when then cabin returned to the ground.

According to the Associated Press, Scordianos’ lawyer, Chris Rasmussen, says his client believed the couple had an expectation of privacy.

No seriously – REALLY?!?

You rode a glass capsule (one of 28 on the wheel) that’s suspended 550 feet above Las Vegas Strip and you expected privacy? Y’all couldn’t wait thirty minutes and get a hotel room – oh I don’t know – ANYWHERE ELSE in Las Vegas?

Now, it’s not like this sort of hanky panky is unheard of – heck, there’s even a blog that gives you TIPS on how to best pull these sorts of shenanigans on the High Roller. My advice: keep personal “thrill rides” to yourself – oh, and bring some Purell on your next ride aboard the High Roller, too.

Five Ways To Be Arrested in an Amusement Park

Nobody’s perfect – we are all human, after all. But there are several ways you can mess up BIG TIME at your local amusement or theme park and end up in the county jail. If you think those rules at parks are for chumps, you better read on and start taking copious notes.

Here’s five ways you can get carted away to jail for misbehaving at an amusement or theme park:




The quintessential bad adolescent behavior! In addition to being a serious health hazard, spitting off of a ride (such as a sky ride) and hitting another person can be prosecuted as assault. Plus, the park can revoke your ticket or season pass as well.



In many places around the country, smoking is being banned in all public places, including parks. Many have set up so called “Cancer Corners” to keep people from smoking directly on the midway. But in some places, you can be cited for illegally smoking – and it can carry jail time in some of the more strict interpretations of the law, especially here in California.

Disobeying Ride Operators:

We have rules for a reason - usually because someone before was dumb enough to warrant making one!

We have rules for a reason – usually because someone before was dumb enough to warrant making one!

Much like a Flight Attendant, a Ride Operator knows much more about the attraction you’re about to ride, despite their age or attentiveness. Purposely disobeying an order from them can not only land you in the hospital from injuries, but can also get you in the slammer for failing to heed posted rules and regulations.

Line Jumping:


Ah, the scourge of park attendees worldwide. But did you know that California has a specific Penal Code dedicated to line jumping? California Penal Code 490.6 gives parks’ the ability to detain you for jumping the line, until the police show up. That’s one way to make your wait times much LONGER, rather than shorter.



This should be a no brainer, but amazingly, you’re not allowed to write on things that aren’t yours – especially private property. Of interest lately is people tagging their Instagram or Twitter accounts…because nothing makes the police happier than you telling them exactly how to find you to prosecute you.

By now, you must be asking yourselves: “Wait, you cannot possibly be serious in saying or implying that people get prosecuted for these, can you?”

Well, hate to break it to you, but I am serious – and I’ve seen it happen. Working for several parks in my career, I’ve seen everything from spitters being arrested, to taggers being tased. In fact, more people than you think are removed from parks every day, and some of them end up making the trip wayyy downtown. Remember that parks are supposed to keep out the “outside world” and keeping up that illusion is part of the services the park offers. Trust me, just follow the rules and you’ll make everyone’s day better!

What do you think? Which person behaving badly would YOU like to see removed from a park for one of these offenses? Tell us on social media or comment below!