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Six Flags scores viral hits on social media this off-season

Kudos to Six Flags for turning one of the worst winters EVER into one of the most entertaining – and keeping their followers on social media engaged during the long off-season:

First up, is Six Flags St. Louis

After a bitter cold spell gripped the midwest, the marketing folks at the former Mid-America park decided to trudge through the snow to make a statement…and a brilliant one at that:

Six Flags St. Louis on Social Media

The folks in the marketing department deserve a raise just for changing the sign in those conditions!

Now, would it have been even funnier if they said the water park WAS open? Of course, but you have to imagine the marketing and ops folks would have had fits of people showing up, ready to take “bobsled runs” down those frozen, fiberglass slides.

Not to be outdone, this week, Six Flags Great America decided to have some fun with their own freeway advertising signage – this time invoking one of the greatest comedies (and certainly best park-related movies) of all time:

Six Flags Great America funny signage

“The moose out front should have told you – that it’s colder here than in Alaska right now!”

Folks – this is what social media is all about – in each of these instances, fans and news outlets picked up on the post – and shared it across a wide swath of the internet. Even if you weren’t a fan of these parks…chances are you would have seen or HEARD about these posts if you lived near or around these parks.

And to think – this is all FREE PUBLICITY (and positive, too) is when the parks are CLOSED. Thousands of people are now talking about these parks – and you can bet some folks decided to go in on a season pass online, probably hoping for warmer weather to show up! 🙂

Again, that’s the name of the game on social media when you’re at an amusement park – don’t just throw out updates for the sake of throwing out updates (I.E. throwing crap on the wall and seeing what sticks) – curate excellent content, and it will inevitably lead to better engagement…which will lead to more butts passing through those turnstiles.

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