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California’s Great America Announces Massive Capital Investment and Retail Project

How long have we heard that California’s Great America doesn’t have anywhere to expand? “The park is landlocked – there’s nowhere for them to go.” And what about, “Cedar Fair doesn’t care about this park – they want to sell it.”

Well, this aught to shut up the naysayers…

In an unprecedented announcement on Wednesday, the park announced that it has applied for a rezoning from the City of Santa Clara, which will allow it to add significantly more attractions with less red tape, intends on purchasing the land on which the park sits on and will build a massive retail and entertainment complex near the front gate of the park.

CGA fans, get ready to drool:

Photo credit: 1590 KLIV-AM (Used with permission)

Photo credit: 1590 KLIV-AM (Used with permission)

To think this was a park that looked like it was about to close just a few years ago – now look at all the new stuff that’s planned and proposed…

The official notice from the City of Santa Clara, announcing the proposed change in zoning

The official notice from the City of Santa Clara, announcing the proposed change in zoning

There’s a lot of verbiage to get through, but here’s the most important part (in my opinion). Long time fans of this park may recall the proposed “Front Gate” project during the Paramount era, before the land was converted into two office towers. Well, long time fans, your patience has finally paid off:

CGA Entertainment District

This gives the park a major, strategic advantage over it’s competitors – no other park in Northern California offers this sort of experience. If it reminds you of Knott’s Marketplace, Universal CityWalk or Downtown Disney – that’s no mistake.

And for fans of the park itself, they didn’t forget about you, either. The rezoning will allow the park far more flexibility in building new attractions – and it’s all spelled out, here:

You read that right - 6 MORE attractions proposed OVER 200 feet tall. Need a towel?

You read that right – 6 MORE attractions proposed OVER 200 feet tall. Is your jaw on the floor, yet?

Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet also told those in attendance that any change in the use of land would have to first be approved by the City of Santa Clara AND Cedar Fair – which all but ensures the park will be around through 2074.

So, CGA fans – who’s ready to watch their park transform into an entertainment destination? Tell us in the comments section below or on our social media links!


3 responses

  1. Romel

    Love this idea so much although I have never been to Nor Cal cause I live in Southern California and my home Cedar Fair Park is of course Knott’s Berry Farm I truly hope that this is what they do at Knott’s cause our park is pretty much landlocked also. I still can’t believe I have never visited any Nor Cal parks before and I’ve lived here (Cali) my whole life. If Cedar Fair announces a GIGA for Great America I will be extremely happy and pissed at the same time..(😊😡) cause that is the coaster that Knott’s should get but with that said I will defiantly be up North quite a bit even after it is all said and done of the expansion is done I will check it out cause I love Cedar Fair Parks I’ve been to two others besides Knott’s Cedar Point and Kings Island in Ohio….I know go figure huh?

    March 30, 2016 at 2:49 pm

  2. Mike

    I wonder how Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will counter this… They always try to 1-up California’s Great America and I’d love to see that park expand and get a little bit more attention too!

    March 30, 2016 at 3:51 pm

  3. Ross R Almazan

    Awesome news! I’ve been a lifelong visitor of the park since it opened in 1976. Looking forward to really making it a “lifelong” proposition with my original “home” park!

    April 5, 2016 at 11:24 pm