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Fury 325: From Dreams to Screams documentary

I’ve posted in the past how coaster videos are shifting – from just POV to entire documentary-style video productions. One of the artists at that forefront is Devin Olson, whom I have immense respect for.

Yesterday, he debuted his latest film – a project nearly two years in the making…

Do yourself a favor – sit back, relax and enjoy this breathtaking look at the construction of one of the tallest roller coasters in the world today, Fury 325 at Carowinds:


Roller Coaster Videos Moving From POV to Storytelling

There’s been a subtle, but noticeable trend recently when it comes to “roller coaster videos” online. And we think it’s for the better and far overdue.

While there are some that still continue to tape GoPros to the front of trains and then monetize (commericalize) their work – all without permits or sometimes without park knowledge – there is a growing trend among park fans to elevate the medium to a far more sophisticated level. What do I mean?

Well, check out this awesome, short documentary on Thunderbird at Holiday World:

Coupled with the work of Devin Olson Media, particularly on his “From Dreams to Screams” documentary series – the world of amusement fandom has gone from handheld ride footage to bona fide storytelling:

And we couldn’t be happier to see this trend. So, how can you help elevate the medium? Subscribe to these storytelling channels – while POV is fun, it’s telling a story that leaves a true mark on people.

Shameless plug: “Legacy of Arrow Development” documentary is still scheduled to make it’s debut later this year. Time to raise your game, everyone!